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Album Reviews


"Live in the USA 1997" 7"

Description - 4 songs in 8 minutes. Has sleeve and lyrics. Artwork by Gee


  1. Too Much Too Little
  2. Won't Get Me
  3. Happy Hour
  4. Knuckle Under

    Review: Great live album that was recorded somewhere in the US. All songs are pretty good but tracks 1 and 2 are the best. Definitely worth the 3.00 dollars I spent. Sometimes it's hard to make out the words since Steve Ignorant is constantly drowned by the roaring guitar of Gagsy.

    "No Sighing Strains Of Violins" CD

    Description - 6 songs in a reasonable time, has booklet with photos and lyrics


    1. Won't Get Me
    2. Happy Hour
    3. This is Our World
    4. Your Time
    5. New Kind Of Love
    6. Stratford Blues

Review: Totally different than the 7", in a good way! Not very hardcore, and very melodic. They use many instruments in this recording. The two songs from the 7" totally sound different and better. If you're looking for a hardcore CD, this is not it. This is one of the best albums I've heard in awhile, definitely pick this up.


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